Friday, May 30, 2014

Observable, Convergent Evolution of Crickets? Hardly.

Greetings, mortals!  Okay, so, I've gotten a few questions about this one: in the May 29, 2014, Current Biology, scientists published the results of a study led by Dr. Nathan W. Bailey purporting to show evidence of observable, convergent evolution in two separate populations of Hawaiian field crickets.  Isn't that strong evidence for evolution?


What the scientists claim to have observed is the development of flat wings for soundless flight in each population of crickets (one population on O'ahu, the other on Kaua'i).  This change in wing structure helped them avoid a sound-attracted (and fatal) parasitic fly.  The O'ahu crickets developed silent flight first.  Then it was observed in the Kaua'i population.  These researchers diligently checked for genetic markers of introgression of a genetic variation from the O'ahu crickets into the Kaua'i population -- in other words, they looked to see if an O'ahu cricket and a Kaua'i cricket had ridden what we in Heaven call the "wild nookie train."  They not only found no evidence of transmission of the trait from the O'ahu crickets to the Kaua'i crickets, they found that the flat wings of the two populations were structurally very dissimilar.  The researchers concluded from this, as you humans are wont to do, that natural selection had shaped the two populations in similar ways to compensate for the same environmental challenge -- the fatal parasite.

But, of course, that's not what happened.  There is no such thing as evolution.  You may observe what you think is evolution, but the evidence you see is just a sham.  It's a test, created to see whether you have abandoned the same hubris that led you to rob yourselves of Eden by eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.

And you haven't.  No wonder science continues to lead you further from the peace, warmth, and light of God's Love.

So, what actually happened to these crickets?  It's obvious: their wings changed shape to help them avoid this fatal parasite, but not by means of evolution.  These changes were wrought by the Hand of God.  They further the miracle and beauty of His design.  God simply chose to adjust the wing configurations on the O'ahu crickets and Kaua'i crickets a little differently because, well, don't you get bored doing the same thing over and over again?  Of course you do.  Just imagine if you were omniscient.  Avoiding boredom would be job #1.  Well, job #2, after the loving curation of all existence.

Now, because you're human, some of you may be asking, "If God wanted to save these crickets, why are only about half of each population created with flat wings that help them avoid the parasite?"  The answer to that is simple: Stop questioning God.

Thank you all for reading!  And please, I welcome your thoughts in the comments.

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